Soil Samples


Do you have that yard that no matter what treatment it receives it never seems to look good?  When all else fails we can take a soil sample from the yard to figure out if there is a deficiency.  The soil sample that is taken is sent out to a lab where they analyze what nutrients are in the soil.  We offer soil sample testing for our clients. Test results can provide you with valuable information including the following:

Detailed chemical soil analyses, such as

  • levels of major plant nutrients, including phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium & sulfur;
  • levels of plant micronutrients, including copper, manganese & zinc;
  • levels of sodium;
  • pH and acidity;
  • soil class;
  • percent base saturation;
  • percent humic matter;
  • cation exchange capacity and
  • weight-to-volume ratio.

Site-specific fertilizer and lime recommendations that can

  • optimize crop yields,
  • improve farm efficiency,
  • reduce cost of production,
  • conserve natural resources and
  • protect the environment by minimizing excessive use of fertilizers, particularly nitrogen.