Grub Treatment


According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Japanese beetle grubs alone cause an estimated $234 million in damage each year— $78 million for control costs and an additional $156 million for replacement of damaged turf. GRubs are immature beattles. They hatch from eggs that are laid in the soil. They have many life cycles throughout the year. While they are immature they lie in the soil and feed on plant or turf roots.  During there feedings the turf will gradually decline. Turning to yellow, thinning and eventually die because it is no longer able to uptake any moisture. The areas can appear as scattered patches throughout your lawn. You also may be able to pull patches of the turf right up as there is no longer a root system attaching is to the soil.

In areas where grubs have been repeatedly a problem we suggest a preventative insecticide application to kill them before damage is done.  Preventative treatments allow us more flexibility in application time. We will apply a long residual insecticide protecting your lawn from grubs ever doing damage.